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MPS Scotland purchases Heidelberg ‘super press’

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Multi Packaging Solutions has bought the largest sheetfed press built by Heidelberg – the 18 unit Speedmaster XL106.

This powerful piece of machinery will complement the 17-unit machine that was installed four years ago to produce the most complex packaging in one swift pass.

The foundations for this huge machine are being prepared in East Kilbride, where the press will join a number of other flexo and litho machines, ahead of the installation that it due to begin in March. MPS aim to be in full production by the middle of the year.

Although the exact configuration has not been revealed by MPS, the machine will include 11 print units, three coating towers, four drying units and inline cold foiling. It will also perfect, enabling the inside of the carton to be decorated to the same quality as the outside in a single pass through the press.

The press will need to be mounted on an 875mm plinth. However, a stack of 0.8mm board will need to be changed in less than ten minutes when the press is running at 18,000 pph. This requires a logistics system to automatically load fresh board at one end and remove the printed board at the other end.

As an integral new part of the MPS printing system, the ‘super press’ machine will be in charge of producing high-end packaging for premium food and drinks brands, particularly for the Scotch whiskey producers and confectionary, who in 2015 made up around 25% of the UK’s food and drinks exports. In a world where brands rely upon product identity to sell to their target market, techniques such as foils, varnish effects and opaque whites will all be required from the press to maintain the luxury feel of many items.

Marc Shore, CEO of MPS commented on the company’s new purchase. “We are making a significant investment to ensure we can meet the needs of some of the world’s most prestigious brands. The highly specified 18-unit B1 Speedmaster we have ordered will allow us to handle even more processes inline and with total quality control.”

Picture Credit - heidelberg.com

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